Gilles Marceau Building

Client : Public Services and Procurement Canada (SPAC)
Completion Date : 2019


Momentum supported the team led by BBBL on behalf of Public Services and Procurement Canada to undertake a regulatory review of the Gilles-Marceau building in Saguenay, where the Revenue Agency offices are located. Part of the review included an assessment of fire evacuation scenarios which was undertaken using Momentum’s innovative dynamic microsimulation modelling tools.
Momentum collaborated with the client and design team to determine three realistic scenarios of fire which would impact the movement of people evacuating the Gilles-Marceau building. These scenarios as well as a baseline scenario of evacuation without a specific fire location were modelled using the Legion SpaceWorks software and were based on the worst-case occupancy of the building, when the two employee shifts overlap. The evacuation time was obtained and compared to regulatory standards and guidance from the US and Europe to identify how the building performed and what changes would be required to the building layout to reduce evacuation timings.

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Efficient Operations

The analysis was undertaken to ensure efficient operations of the building in case of emergency.

Connected Spaces

The analysis was undertaken to ensure that spaces would be well-connected and would allow for comfortable and safe evacuation of the building.

Collaborative Working

Momentum’s assessment was developed collaboratively with the design team and the client. As such, it was based on the most accurate information regarding the use of the building and the number of employees working there.