Urban Parks Conference at the Montreal Olympic Park

Client : Régie des Installations Olympiques (RIO)
Completion Date : 2019


Momentum had the privilege of presenting at the Urban Parks Conference at the Montreal Olympic Park on May 23nd 2019. Momentum prepared a comparative study of international urban parks to guide the reflection for the 2026 strategic plan. This presentation addressed the integration of mobility and transport into urban park development based on international examples in Lisbon, London and Atlanta.
As part of the comparative study, Momentum advised on the importance of integrating a variety of uses and mixing green and mineralized spaces to activate the site at different times of the day and year. Additionally, we provided examples of how the internal and external connectivity of urban parks can be developed by prioritizing active modes of transportation such as walking and cycling. We also discussed the process of planning transportation in an urban park through a coherent framework of principles and actions based on the example of the London Olympic Park.

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Through international examples, the presentation highlighted the importance of lively spaces that can be used throughout the year

End to End Mobility

The outcomes for this study were achieved through researching best practices for end-to-end mobility, connected spaces and lively public spaces and providing good international examples to support these practices.