Client : UTILE Trois-Rivières
Completion Date : 2020


Momentum collaborated with the company UTILE Trois-Rivières for the realization of a sustainable mobility study for the project of a future student residence near the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. The study conducted by Momentum aimed to achieve the sustainable mobility vision of the project, by proposing a reduction of the ratio of parking spaces. The objective of the project was indeed to put forward the accessibility of the site by alternative modes of transportation and to promote active and collective mobility for the future residents and students of the UQTR. Data collection was conducted during the pandemic, therefore the analysis was built assuming that the residence was at a maximum capacity in 2020, and the occupancy ratios were adjusted accordingly.
Momentum conducted an initial data collection exercise to assess the occupancy and use of the university’s parking lots. The analysis conducted then highlighted the public transit network and the pedestrian and cycling connections available near the selected site. Finally, an action plan proposing a set of specific measures, their benefits as well as the responsibility of the various bodies involved in order to improve the sustainable mobility offer for students.

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Environmental Sustainability

The study of sustainable transport strategies from neighboring municipalities helped support the case developed and presented to the City of Trois-Rivières.

End to End Mobility

The qualitative review of the route to and from the university allowed to propose recommendations for active travel to better connect the campus with the surrounding neighborhood and its various destinations.

Connected Spaces

The study helped to understand the context of mobility in which the future student housing will be integrated and to propose a safe connection for students to the rest of the university campus.