Wembley Stadium

Client : FA
Completion Date : Ongoing


Wembley National Stadium is the UK’s largest stadium, and second largest in Europe, with 90,000 seats. It hosts a variety of events, including being the home venue of the England national football team. It also hosts concerts, NFL, rugby and boxing events throughout the year.
Momentum has provided the Football Association with a range of transport-related consultative and technical advice. These can be split into three broad categories of event-day transport operations, pedestrian modelling and traffic management. Each of these aspects is constantly evolving to adjust to the ongoing development of up to 420,000m2 and 4,000 residential units that surround the stadium. Momentum provides event day operational consultation, with each event warranting a bespoke transport plan. A significant degree of stakeholder management is undertaken, and consideration is given to the transport operations of home and away fans, teams, VIP access, workforce and those with reduced mobility. Ingress and egress schemes for car parks, shuttle buses and pick-up/drop-off sites are developed, as well as bespoke media and team coach operations. Furthermore, Momentum has extensive experience in static and dynamic pedestrian modelling at Wembley Stadium. This includes ingress, egress and evacuation modelling, as well as contingency scenarios and demand forecast modelling to provide snapshots into the likely strains on various nodes on the transport network.

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