Momentum is an integrated, people-first transport consultancy specialising in the vision, technical understanding and design for transport and people movement in complex environments. Everything we do is carefully and diligently designed to create transport strategies and solutions that inform, integrate with and are integral to, every aspect of the built environment today and for the future.

Designing spaces for people.

By setting up in Montreal, Momentum is looking to work with the stakeholders of urban development to develop the city for the longer term to ensure the sustainability of the built environment. Momentum aspires to create spaces, buildings and places that operate efficiently whilst providing lively and welcoming spaces for the people.

Our expertise based on project experience allows us to develop useful responses for our future clients and partners to ensure the long term spatial efficiency of buildings, that transport is integrated in urban design and that the pedestrian and the individual are at the heart of the new spaces developed in cities.

Our Expertise.

Complex Urban Environments.
We have developed our reputation delivering solutions in dense urban environments, working on constrained, dense and mixed-use developments where a wide range of factors need to be considered.

We are a people-focussed transport consultancy, with an emphasis on providing solutions designed to improve the lives of the people and communities who will use them. This includes championing the move away from car dominated spaces, designing for pedestrians and cyclists.

Our progressive team are at the forefront of latest practices and technologies in our industry and are always looking to bring this thinking to bear in our work.

Operations Experts.
As well as planning and design, we are experts in operations and operational planning, ensuring that we consider the full life cycle of our solutions from the outset.

We work hand in hand with our partners and clients, ranging from city planning authorities, architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, developers and joint ventures, to develop sustainable transport strategies for their schemes.

Independent and Integrated.
As an independent consultancy, we pride ourselves on giving creative, independent advice to our clients. Our team is truly integrated, with our planners, designers and analysts working closely together to provide solutions which are both forward-thinking and grounded in the real world.