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What’s next for Transit-Oriented Development in Canada?

The post-COVID recovery poses a threat to the implementation of Transit-Oriented Developments, but the economical and social benefits of this urban development model extend further than improved connections to bustling urban cores.

Successes and challenges of decarbonizing transport in Montreal

Momentum explores the different ways that Montreal has made changes to decarbonize transport throughout the city, and comments on why some schemes may be more beneficial than others.

Pedestrian comfort – in times of crisis and beyond

In the different countries where Momentum’s teams are located, and elsewhere, we’re seeing initiatives emerge to promote walking by securing urban space for pedestrians and cyclists and redistributing space to their benefit.

What if we pedestrianized Montreal’s downtown?

Prioritising and facilitating alternative transport methods, which help to ensure sustainable urban development, play important roles in the work we do for our clients. We looked into how temporary road changes could have a significant impact on reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, as well as encouraging people to consider alternative modes of transport to meet their travel needs.

Successful collaboration in planning urban parks: a NACTO walk in downtown Toronto

Successful urban planning projects often depend on the collaboration between stakeholders. In Toronto, a collaborative process contributed to the creation and revitalization of urban parks and attractive public spaces.

Trying it out

Inspired by Valérie Plante’s encouraging push towards designing urban spaces for all weathers, Momentum comment on the importance of versatile spaces.

A Transit-Oriented Weekend in Ottawa

As part of a weekend organized by the Young Professionals in Transportation, Amélie attended a tour of the cycling and walking networks in Ottawa.

Let it snow

Coming next in our series on urban quirks in Montreal, the unavoidable impact of winter on urban design and transport planning.

The orientation of Montreal

This week, we continue the series on Montreal’s city planning quirks with a piece on compass orientation.

Montreal’s city planning quirks

After three exciting months in Montreal, Amelie discusses some of the quirks observed that differentiate Montreal to London