Civic Center

Client : Civiliti/City of Montreal
Completion Date : 2023


Momentum worked in collaboration with Civiliti to prepare a mobility study for a new civic center with a school and for traffic calming scenarios for a viaduct adjacent to the site in Old Montreal. The primary goal was to anticipate the trips that the proposed development would generate and attract, and to estimate the multimodal origins and destinations for the future users of the site. An analysis of the street network was conducted to identify potential challenges and impacts.
The study began with a detailed analysis of the current mobility context of the site, including future transportation proposals in the area. Then, the number of users accessing the site in the future was estimated and the points of access for pedestrians and cyclists were defined. These modes were prioritized since the project aims to provide a more sustainable approach for mobility.

The results of the study provided some recommendations for the integration of safe walking and cycling journeys for the users of the school and civic hub. The study also proposed ideas to connect the project with the principal trip generators in the Faubourgs and Old Montreal neighborhoods such as future residential buildings and touristic destinations, and to locate the pedestrian and cyclist access points to the school and a pick-up/drop-off zone minimizing vehicle conflicts.

Regarding the potential conversion of the viaduct, Momentum analyzed the ideal location of vertical connection points with the street level and undertook stakeholder consultation to understand the impact of the viaduct traffic calming scenarios on surrounding users.

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Spaces For People

Momentum analyzed the origins of pedestrian and cyclist movements to recommend the best location for access to the site and of bike parking.

Connected Spaces

The analysis identified the best locations for connecting the civic hub with the viaduct by active travel modes.

Collaborative Working

The integration of the architecture expertise of Civiliti with the sustainable mobility expertise of Momentum helped propose a preferred scenario for the project.