District Moody

Client : Construction Vilan
Completion Date : 2021


Three street configuration options were developed by Sid Lee Architecture to establish the access for a new mixed-use development that includes 900 residential units, office and retail spaces on Moody Street in Terrebonne. Momentum was commissioned to evaluate the feasibility of the three access options in terms of geometry and impact on the surrounding streets’ capacity. The street configuration will affect the surrounding traffic and the access to the future parking entrances of the new development.
Momentum estimated the trips generated by the new development and the surrounding area to determine the number of vehicles that will be added to the network and recommend the best street configuration for the site access. Our approach carefully considered the road space balance in order to improve the walking and cycling accessibility in the future neighborhood. The results were used by the client for a discussion with the City and to obtain a favorable recommendation at the CCU

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Issues Resolution

The assessment was delivered in a timely manner for the CCU and allowed our client to obtain a favourable recommendation for the project.

Connected Spaces

The road configuration retained will take the least road space and provide a valuable public space for future residents.