Glebe Active Transportation Plan

Client : Glebe Community Association
Completion Date : 2023


The Glebe, situated south of Downtown Ottawa in the Capital ward, has evolved from Ottawa’s first suburb into a vibrant and attractive neighborhood. The Glebe Community Association drives change by advocating for a livable, sustainable, and inclusive urban environment, particularly focusing on improving active travel safety and connectivity within the neighborhood and to neighboring areas in Ottawa.
Commissioned by the Glebe Community Association, Momentum conducted an Active Transportation Study aimed at identifying short and long-term projects for enhancing pedestrian safety, bike connectivity, accessibility, and integration with surrounding neighborhoods. This involved a detailed analysis of existing infrastructure, coupled with public engagement through surveys, open houses, and workshops led by Re:Public Urbanism to prioritize projects and address community concerns regarding active travel in the Glebe. This action plan equips the Association with actionable projects to collaborate with the city and enhance active travel within the Glebe. Read more on the project in the Glebe Report:

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Avenue Julien, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

“Momentum met or surpassed every expectation we had for the project, and we are excited to move forward with the great report they put together. Very nice working with the team. The work they provided was not just transportation, it’s community-building.”

Members of the Glebe Community Association

Spaces For People

The action plan has been informed by the perspectives and suggestions of over 288 members of the local community.

Environmental Sustainability

The actions proposed aim at reinforcing the role of sustainable mobilities in the Glebe neighborhood and make active transportation more inclusive.

Connected Spaces

The action plan considered how to improve permeability by walking and cycling between the Glebe and surrounding neighborhoods, and for local trips within the Glebe.