Lower Canada College

Client : LAAB Collective / LCC
Completion Date : Ongoing


Divided in two by Avenue Royal, the Lower Canada College campus is developing its Master Plan for a unified campus focused on the human scale and the safety and comfort of its community. Momentum’s collaboration with LAAB was put forward to propose different solutions to make the Royal Avenue safer for students by creating a pedestrian-friendly environment.
The team at Momentum supported LAAB Collective in the elaboration and assessment of different road treatments, including traffic calming measures and a potential pedestrianization of the Avenue Royal. The objective was to evaluate the feasibility of the concept and to determine its benefits for the campus students, as well as the surrounding residents.

A site visit was conducted and traffic counts were collected to identify the current usage of the pick-up and drop-off areas. This information was used to assess the feasibility of the different concepts elaborated by LAAB collective. A swept path analysis was completed to make recommendations on the different iterations of design. Finally, we developed a microsimulation of the pick-up/drop-off areas using VISSIM that showed the operation of the proposed relocation of pick-up and drop-off areas which served to provide recommendations on traffic control strategies for the school.

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Spaces For People

New public spaces will be available for the local community with the transformation of the street into a pedestrian-focused environment

Connected Spaces

The traffic calming of Avenue Royal would allow students to cross from one side to the other many times a day in a safer way which results in a more connected campus.

Collaborative Working

Momentum supported LAAB collective in the development of the concept to ensure that the proposed design was adequate for the students and to present the argument to the borough.