Metallica & Fierté

Client : Parc olympique
Completion Date : 2023


In August 2023, the Parc Olympique hosted two significant events – a Metallica concert and the Montreal Pride festival – attracting nearly 90,000 visitors. Momentum was commissioned by the Olympic Park to analyze and optimize visitor flows through diverse transportation modes.
The team utilized postal codes data from the ticketing database to map visitor origins and assessed journey times for each transport mode.

Momentum employed Legion Space Works, an advanced pedestrian modelling software, to conduct a thorough analysis of the events’ impact on both ingress and egress. The team determined optimal egress routes for both events, the location and queue management of dedicated entries, the frequency of metro services for the anticipated mode share, and the entry and exit time for the events.

Collaborating with stakeholders such as transport operators, the emergency services, event organizers, and the Olympic Park, Momentum proposed on-site key adjustments. These included segregating pedestrian and vehicular flows, prioritizing the Pie IX metro entrance, and implementing a robust crowd management plan for egress which were integrated into the Traffic Management Plan by IGF Axiom.

The collaboration between Momentum and the Olympic Park not only addressed immediate concerns but also laid the foundation for enhanced event planning and execution at the Park, to prepare for holding other major events in the future. This showcased how Momentum can propose effective solutions that improve overall visitor satisfaction and safety.

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“The technical support was top-notch and contributed fully to the success of an extraordinary event. However, it was your availability, collaboration and, above all, your proven expertise in operations that made all the difference!”

Louis-Gervais Badjeck – Parc Olympique

Spaces For People

Pedestrian modelling was used to assess the density and comfort of people movement during ingress and egress.

End to End Mobility

Origins and destinations of spectators were assessed to provide a seamless intermodal journey to the event, in collaboration with the transport operator.

Efficient Operations

The people movement study helped validate the proposed site layout and operational plan developed by the Olympic Park.