Toronto Zoo

Client : Mandaworks
Completion Date : 2020


Following the adoption of its strategic plan in 2019, the Toronto Zoo wanted to update its conceptual site plan based on the new orientations identified. These include goals for sustainability, environmental conservation, and education. The strategic plan also aims to better integrate the Zoo into its urban environment. Momentum was part of the Mandaworks design team to provide recommendations for improving visitor mobility and operations.
Based on the mapping of the Zoo’s internal traffic movements, the Mandaworks and Momentum teams identified four broad categories of issues:

• Optimize the number of vehicles travelling within the site;
• Plan roads shared between operational vehicles and pedestrian visitors;
• Facilitate visitors’ wayfinding around the site without complicating the signage;
• Deploy multimodal solutions to get around.

Momentum developed a mobility toolkit to help the Zoo better respond to the four major challenges. Objectives were identified for each of the challenges, and concrete actions were proposed to meet these objectives. Examples of inspiring projects carried out by zoos, urban parks and botanical gardens in Canada and internationally were also provided to support the ideas.

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Efficient Operations

To address the issue of cohabitation between operational vehicles and visitors, Momentum included in the toolbox concrete design measures targeting conflicting intersections, as well as action plans to make operations more efficient.

Collaborative Working

Momentum developed this toolkit in collaboration with Mandaworks, to provide the Zoo with recommendations on the best mobility practices to implement.