Montreal Transit Hub

Client : Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM)
Completion Date : 2021


Momentum was mandated to support the development of a major transit hub located in the heart of downtown Montreal in order to evaluate the feasibility of the initial concept design as well as three alternatives offering access to mobility-impaired passengers. An initial context review phase was necessary to ensure that the demand and capacity data of existing and proposed facilities were taken into account. In this first phase, the team developed a clear definition of the study area, the issues related to the proposed base case development, and the missing connections between several routes within the transit hub.
Momentum conducted a static quantitative analysis of the future ridership for four scenarios to assess their feasibility based on the maximum capacity of the proposed facilities and the recommended pedestrian comfort levels. Qualitative criteria were applied to the results of the analysis to ensure the comfort of all users during peak ridership periods, including persons with mobility impairments. A dynamic model of the initial scenario was produced and is being used to refine the analysis and demonstrate its limitations with the support of a video presenting the model.

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Spaces For People

Designed for pedestrian movement and universal access between different stations and building levels, the recommendations have been developed to facilitate human-scale spaces and ensure acceptable levels of pedestrian comfort.

Efficient Operations

An explanatory technical note was written to support the assumptions included in the static analysis, identify congestion points and comfort levels across the space, and support the development of recommendations tailored to each facility. This methodology helps to ensure the operational efficiency of the space and smooth movement.

Collaborative Working

Collaborative work ensured that the interests of the various stakeholders involved in the area development were taken into account in the evaluation of the different scenarios, in order to assist in the decision making process.