Concordia University

Client : Provencher Roy/Concordia University
Completion Date : Ongoing


Momentum is supporting Provencher Roy in the development of the 20-year master plan for the Concordia University campuses in Montreal, to plan for an important increase of the student population in the coming years. Momentum is supporting the architects and the University by analyzing the transportation conditions around the site and developing a transportation strategy to better integrate sustainable transport.
Momentum analyzed the issues of internal mobility on campus. This analysis included a thorough diagnostic of pedestrian routes, an analysis of operational needs, as well as an evaluation of the external circulation challenges related to the access of both campuses by collective and active transport. Based on the results of the sustainable mobility analysis, Momentum is developing planning and design recommendations to improve the experience of students and staff circulating to and through the campus and to facilitate operations without compromising the safety and comfort of pedestrians. Momentum’s assessments will be used to guide the development of both campuses. Our recommendations will allow the University to create spaces that are well connected and can meet the mobility needs of future users, while ensuring harmonious cohabitation with surrounding neighborhoods and integration with current and future projects in the vicinity of campuses.

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Spaces For People

Our strategy includes recommendations for cycling provisions, shared streets, public realm improvements, whilst maintaining functional and efficient logistics routes for servicing and operational vehicles.

Environmental Sustainability

Our progressive transport strategy sets objectives to increase the modal share of sustainable transport modes for users accessing or departing the University’s campuses.

End to End Mobility

Our transport strategy will enhance connectivity for active mobility users circulating through Concordia University’s campuses and their surrounding neighborhoods.